Title V Permitting: Maximizing Flexibility, Enhancing Compliance: Session II

This webinar series is for new and experienced environmental professionals

interested in learning how to manage the impact of Clean Air Act Title V operating

permits, streamline monitoring, and standardize permits across jurisdictions. It

provides strategies on how to ensure compliance while minimizing operational

intrusions required by Title V permits. Example permit conditions are discussed to

illustrate how agencies and companies have approached compliance

demonstration requirements. Information on when to re-open a permit and the

modification process will be provided. Webinar attendees will learn about:


  • The origins of each Title V permit condition
  • Which permit conditions are negotiable
  • Resources for developing unique and flexible permit condition options
  • Opportunities to reduce Title V permit deviations


Session 2:   Wednesday, March 18th 

Title V applications, including required and suggested application contents

Tools for reviewing regulations and streamlined permit applications             

Dissecting Title V permits from various agencies and finding publicly available permits.

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March 18, 2015 1:00 PM Eastern
2 hours
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Title V Permitting: Maximizing Flexibility, Enhancing Compliance: Session II
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Dallas Baker P.E., BCEE   [ view bio ]
Tony Jabon   [ view bio ]
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