Natural Gas Development from the Ground Up (and Down): Mineral Law 101- Why Gas Leases Matter
North American Oil & Gas self sufficiency is one of the key developments in our lifetime, and will change the political, economic and environmental landscape. The Oil & Gas Industry starts with acquisition of mineral rights from a property owner. The “Oil & Gas Lease” is the document that allows Oil and Gas Drilling and production (and everything that follows) to occur and is the document without which the Industry would not exist. You can lease a Ford or an apartment, but a Gas “Lease” is forever. It is not a “lease” of anything, but it is an Option Sale contract and in most cases is perpetual. It may be the most one sided contract you will see in your lifetime. Even if you are not personally involved in leasing, the practices affect natural gas prices which influences fuel choices and the resulting environmental impacts.

Learn the basic terms of how drillers acquire mineral rights and some of the long term impacts, such as how “Held By Production” creates industry overproduction and low prices, why the Gulf Coast is on another building spree, and whether oil sands is a “cooked goose”?  Where are the Environmental Protections?  What are the downstream impacts? Harry will cover the basics of mineral law and the most important terms of the Gas Lease document, applicable in most states and jurisdictions, and answer questions. 
Understand the Oil & Gas Industry at the ground level!

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March 20, 2014 1:00 PM Eastern
1 hour, 30 minutes
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Natural Gas Development from the Ground Up (and Down): Mineral Law 101- Why Gas Leases Matter
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Ron Hufman, QEP   [ view bio ]
Harry Klodowski   [ view bio ]
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